Lux Life: Luxembourg Afternoon

By Megan Hulshizer

I missed Athena and Roman and Caesar (and Eric and Caitlin) so much, I returned to Obermohr this past weekend to visit, and also pick up some lingering luggage my wonderful mother sent to me. Even though Eric was swamped with year-end work, he generously took me on two day trips. One was a trip to the new country on my list: Luxembourg!

We arrived in time for lunch in a main square, full of flower boxes and graced with the perfect weather, as well as city-wide free wifi (a traveler’s dream). I ate a delicious chicken vol-au-vent paired with a fruity Luxembourgish beer – the height of luxury!

Then we wandered around the city and learned about it’s history at the Luxembourg Museum of History, popped into the Cathedral Notre Dame (different from the Parisian Notre Dame), and watched the guard march back and forth at the Palace of the Grand Dukes, all very impressive considering the entire country is the size of my hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma. After all this walking and learning, we hit up the most important sight in the entire country: the Chocolate House of Luxembourg by Nathalie Bonn.

The chocolate house has all types of chocolate treats, but Caitlin had recommended their hot chocolate spoons. There are endless flavors: hazelnut, caramel, orange, mint, as well as alcoholic options such as Baileys. I opted for the caramel-bourbon-vanilla hot chocolate. They bring a steaming mug of milk, a side cup of real whipped cream and a delicious marshmellow, and a wooden spoon with the chosen chocolate block. All you need to do is dip the spoon into the milk and stir, and the chocolate melts off to make the most delicious hot chocolate drink I think I have ever had. And then look across the way at the Palace of the Grand Dukes behind you and the armed security guard and taunt him that you have hot chocolate and he doesn’t, and then realize he has a gun and you don’t.

Considering I just wrote more about hot chocolate than the very interesting history of Luxembourg, it’s very easy to see where my interests lie.


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