Ich bin ein Hamburger(in).

By Megan Hulshizer
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Today is my last day of work, and on September 6th I leave Oklahoma for Hamburg, Germany! I’m incredibly excited and honored to be a Fulbright Teaching Assistant for 2016-2017. My parents of course are very proud, and made sure my story made it into my local newspaper, The Edmond Sun, with an adorable article all about my upcoming adventure. I’ve been abroad before – I studied in Graz, Austria from 2009-2010, and taught English in South Korea from 2012-2013. I have also given my parents plenty of grey hairs by backpacking solo through Southeast Asia, and traveling to South America for two months. I’ve only been robbed once, which might be the most impressive statistic of all my travels.

On all of these trips I have brought along my blue sunglasses, given to me by my friend Tracey, and documented their travels. This blog used to have more written articles and pictures about their various trips, but in a terrible web-related accident, they have been wiped from the internet. However, they’ve had a great time, and found themselves in far-flung destinations having wild adventures (sometimes, without me!).

Temple #Bayor at #AngkorThom #SiemReap #Cambodia #bluesunnies #Yolo #hashtag

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I’ve found a very cute apartment in Wilhelmsburg that is biking-distance away from my new school. I’ll be teaching high school students about American culture, and hopefully some English grammar and pronunciation as well. Since I’m not a fully certified teacher by German standards, I won’t be able to grade papers or give exams, and I’ll only be teaching 12 hours a week. Since Hamburg has a RyanAir airport, I’m hoping my meager Fulbright stipend will fund some trips around Europe and train rides to visit my brother and his wife, who also live in Germany! I have friends already booking trips to come visit me, so maybe I should start packing for my own flight…

Auf Wiedersehen!



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